The popularity of canvas picture prints is increasing day by day as photos printed on the canvas look very attractive whether it is your wedding photograph, family photograph etc. It also gives an elegant look to your room and can be used for a longer period of time. You can also personalize your canvas prints according to the required size. It is also necessary that photos should look perfect before printing on canvas. Here are the some important tips that can help you in taking best photos for canvas.

  • Sufficient light:-


Lightning is the most important factor while clicking photograph. There should be sufficient amount of light for taking photograph as a broad light source will have more brightness and less contrast. You can get canvas picture print in high quality if you will click photos in natural light and without using flash in your mobile phones. While taking photo if light falls behind you then there will be less shadows and subject of your snapshot will be lighten up.

  • Good resolution:-


Resolution also plays a major role in getting amazing photos. There should be high resolution i.e. more number of pixels otherwise it can lead to blurred image. It is advisable that you should clear phone memory before taking photograph with your phone because there will be less pixels due to low memory and can cause problem while printing on canvas. The ideal resolution for printing photograph on canvas is 300 dpi (dots per inch).

Relentlessness of your hand is one of the major reasons which affect quality of photo. It is vital that your hand should be consistent while taking shot. A tripod can be the solution to this problem. You can easily click an awesome photograph by using tripod.


You should laid stress on the horizon and level lines in your photo as it can help in obtaining perfect photo. Your background should also be leveled in addition to foreground. You can check whether everything is lined up properly or not by using your viewfinder. When you will turn it on, you can conveniently align your photo with the help of horizontal and vertical rulers. The photos can be seen in normal mode without turning on the viewfinder.

  • Type of file:-

The photo quality also depends upon the file chosen by you to take photograph as many printers are not compatible with all the file formats. You should save your photo in JPEG or TIFF format. These two files are supported by most of the canvas printers. If you click picture using DSLR camera and save it in RAW file then there is no need to change the format.

If you are looking for canvas print UK then there are many companies which provide cheap canvas prints in suitable frames ensuring its durability. You can also get square canvas prints made up of best quality materials. The canvas can also be printed in colour of your own choice.