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14X14" to take 10x10" Mount, Back & Bag Sets

14X14" to take 10x10" Mount, Back & Bag Sets
14X14" to take 10x10" Mount, Back & Bag Sets
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14X14" to take 10x10" Mount, Back & Bag Sets
14X14" to take 10x10" Mount, Back & Bag Sets
14X14" to take 10x10" Mount, Back & Bag Sets
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  • PROTECT A CHERISHED MEMORY - Subscribing to conservation guidelines worthy of museums, our white photo mounts preserve your photos with its acid-free mount board. The set also includes backs and Resealable bags.
  • MAKE IT STAND OUT - Our photo mounts look professional with their all-white mountboard core. The elegance will bring a stylish flair to your room. Plus, it blends easily with your decor!
  • COMMITMENT TO QUALITY - We use a computerised cutter to ensure an accurate internal bevel and straight outside edges with no overcut corners. Strict human quality control adds another layer of assurance.
  • THOUGHTFUL GIFT FOR CREATIVES - Anyone who loves photography will appreciate our small picture frame mounts. They’re a great present for special occasions like birthdays and Christmas.

Looking to preserve a cherished memory in your photograph?

We all have a photograph that deserves to be preserved for posterity. From something as huge as a wedding highlight to a moment as simple as capturing your baby’s precious smile, we all have a memory we’d like to cherish forever.

We like to frame special photographs and display them. But we rarely take measures to ensure the photos stay in the best condition. Wouldn’t it be great if you could emulate the way museums preserve valuable pieces of art?

The Canvasbay Iced White Textured Picture Mounts offers reliable protection for your prized photos.

Ordinary mounts offer worthless protection against photo-degrading elements. The acidic properties of some can also affect the photograph. Our mountboards are made with only conservation-quality materials, ensuring protection for your photos. Its acid-free materials won’t damage your prints, or yellow with age. It’s not just another cheap creamcore mountboard.

To ensure consistently flawless mounts, we use a state of the art computerised cutter. The outside edges are perfectly straight and the internal bevel completely accurate. To eliminate the possibility of sending defective items to our customers, our mounts undergo strict human quality control.

Our 20”x16” (508mm x 406mm) picture mounts are made with an aperture to fit an A4 Picture (210mm x 297mm). Each set comes with 20 mounts, 20 backs, and 20 bags–everything you need to display your photos.

Here are more reasons to love our mounts:

✅ As decorative as it is functional
✅ Fuss-free solution
✅ Does not yellow over time
✅ Pure White bevel that stays white
✅ Alkaline pH: buffered with Calcium Carbonate to a pH of 7.5 to 9.5
✅ 1400 micron thick (1.4mm)

Give your special photos the professional care they deserve. Add the Canvasbay Iced White Textured Picture Mounts to your basket TODAY!

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