Protect Your Tables in Style with Photo Coasters


When considering ways to add your own touch to your home, it's easy to overlook details like coasters. This begs the question--why? They are something we all need in our homes to protect our coffee tables and counter tops, but they often go unaccounted for. Coasters are convenient in that they are always out and ready to use, so naturally you'd want them to look nice. Make yours stand out as art pieces with personalised photo coasters, allowing you to display your favourite photos and protect your surfaces simultaneously.

Our coasters are 9cm in size, making them absolutely perfect for any cup, mug, bottle or glass. They stand out as uniquely your own when you turn your favourite pictures from vacation, your wedding, or just a fun outing with friends into memorialised, functional items that you'll get to look at every single day. Not only are they beautiful and thought provoking, they are durable and high quality. Our coasters are nonslip, ensuring the cleanliness of your space by avoiding any spillage. This also means you do not need to worry about any unsightly scrapes and marks on your furniture left behind by them.

Since they are sold individually, you are able to buy them in matching sets or groups of photo's following the same sort of themes for each surface in your home. Or, you can simply purchase them individually with a friend in mind, as our personalised photo coasters make wonderfully considerate gifts as well.


So, what's stopping you? Go ahead and check out our product page to start designing your own eye-catching, personalised photo coasters now! Feel free to contact us for more information or with any questions.