Photo Slates: A Beautiful Way to Display Your Memories

You take a photograph with your camera or smartphone, share it on social media and show it to friends online or on your device's screen, but then what happens? Typically, the photo just remains in digital form. You could have the picture printed, but then you have to put it in an album or place it behind glass in a bulky frame. Here at we have another way for you to bring those treasured pictures to life with our beautiful slate photos.


Photo slates are real pieces of stone that come with supportive bases that allow you to display them anywhere in your home or office. Your image isn't put behind a piece of glass inside of a frame; it's printed in high definition clarity right on the surface of the photo slates. Along the edges, a rough finish makes it look as if this stone was cut right from a slab, and the beautiful colouration creates the illusion that the photo was applied with an artist brush.

Our Photo Slate products come in four sizes: 15cm x 15cm, 15cm x 20cm, 20cm x 20cm and 20cm x 30cm. You can orient the slate vertically or horizontally and upload any photo you wish using our system. With our slate photos, you can turn baby pictures, wedding pictures, graduation pictures, family pictures and other types of photos into treasured keepsakes. The slate photos are very popular for gift-giving and are a unique alternative to giving conventional photo frames as presents.

You can learn more about our slate photos or order one by visiting the product page. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the photo slates.