Printing your photos on canvas to hang them as wall decor has become a popular trend nowadays. People are also converting their favourite pictures into large canvas prints as they make fantastic personal gift items for your loved ones. Canvas Bay will get you cheap canvas prints of your selected photos that will add to the allure of your beautifully decorated home.

Aesthetics of interior decor continues to change from time to time and so does the photo trends. People grow tired with some of the older composition styles and break the set conventions to establish radically new trends in photography and designing. While planning your home decor and selecting the pictures for the walls, you should always keep a track of the current trends so that you don’t end up selecting something that has become out-of-fashion. We make a list of the latest photo trends of 2016 for you to consult before you select the photos for making canvas picture prints out of them. 

Flash makes a comeback:

For the last few decades, photographers were avoiding the use of flash to make their photos look more natural. This year though, the overexposed pictures taken using flashbulbs have made a comeback. Harsh shadows and shining highlight zones makes the photos of your night-outs and parties more authentic and gives them a certain surreal character that is never possible with the natural lighting.


New styles in landscape photos:

Beautiful landscapes are always brilliant subjects to make wall canvas picture prints. However, in 2016, we witness a growing trend among the photographers to use a person as a prop in the landscape pictures. A person standing in the middle of a breath-taking landscape makes the picture unique as it reflects an intimate relationship between man and nature. And if the person is one of your friends, families or yourself, the photo becomes exclusively personal.

Landscapes with exaggerated neon colours are also extremely trendy this year. The increased levels of hues and oversaturated colours give the pictures a dream-like look and are perfectly fitting to make wall canvases for your home.

Film is back!

All the experts in photo agencies and culture magazines unanimously agree that the film photography has made a huge comeback this year. Films offer a range of tones, colours and depths that are totally unparalleled in the world of digital photography. It gives the pictures an ‘authentic’ look and generated a feeling of great intimacy with the photo moment.

Patterns – from nature and otherwise:

Tropical ferns and palms, foliage creates brilliant patterns of vibrant hues for your photos. Complicated patterns from the textile or architectural examples are also good choices to make beautiful canvas prints UK.


Flat lay:

As Shutterstock predicts, the Flat Lay style is going to grow into a still bigger trend in the coming year. Arrange objects, flowers, pieces of textiles or foods of vibrant colours and unique designs on a flat surface and capture the frame. This makes brilliant photos to make square canvas prints for your walls.